Let down by TJHughes

Just back from TJHughes in Sutton. I had a very good experience with their online shop this past Christmas and then in their Watford shop earlier this year.
Having been scouting for a good deal on a memory foam mattress I spoke at length with the staff in the Watford shop and identified a product I liked. It's a bit far to bring the family from South London so this morning, with much to do, and dealines looming, we took time out to troop down to Sutton to have a lie-down for a bit on the mattress we thought we wanted.
Our patience had already been tried by a byzantine parking scheme, without clear directions how to actually get from the (Times Square shopping centre, where the TJHughes shop was located!) car park to the shopping centre itself. Once there it took us some time to find the TJHughes shop.
Naturally, I'm not going to reach in my pocket (or even open it to get wallet out) before trying out something I'm going to lie down on for 8 or so hours a day for the next couple of years. However, the Sutton branch of TJHughes doesn't seem to appreciate this.
Upon finally arriving, and speaking to the sales staff, the section manager and the store duty manager I was firmly told "no" we couldn't try it out. At that point, and under questioning from me, the reasons got hazy and in theend begin to contradict each other so we excused ourselves and left. That took 2 hours and 47 minutes of previous weekend time that we could have done a myriad of other, more enjoyable, things. Worry not, though, dear reader - we didn't leave it at that. The following was emaied through their website whilst separate enquiries go on to identify contact information for their chairman:
"I and my family just wasted over two hours going to your Sutton shop to buy a mattress. Apparently (unlike your VERY helpful and well trained staff at your Watford shop where I first looked at the goods!) the folk in Sutton both, don't display high value goods like mattresses (not all of them, at least) which need to be tried and tested first, and then don't have the authority to rectify the issue, in the case of the duty manager at the Sutton branch (and contradicting your careers website which seems to offer "Real autonomy").

It looks like I will have to go to Backinaction.com or Warren Evans and pay more for something I can trust, as your Sutton shop and the staff there leave me no choice."
In a separate development, the TJHughes website may just contravene The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 by not providing certain contact details on their website as required by law:
1) A person providing an information society service shall make available to the recipient of the service and any relevant enforcement authority, in a form and manner which is easily, directly and permanently accessible, the following information—
(a)the name of the service provider;
(b)the geographic address at which the service provider is established;
(c)the details of the service provider, including his electronic mail address, which make it possible to contact him rapidly and communicate with him in a direct and effective manner;
(d)where the service provider is registered in a trade or similar register available to the public, details of the register in which the service provider is entered and his registration number, or equivalent means of identification in that register;
(e)where the provision of the service is subject to an authorisation scheme, the particulars of the relevant supervisory authority;
(f)where the service provider exercises a regulated profession—
(i)the details of any professional body or similar institution with which the service provider is registered;
(ii)his professional title and the member State where that title has been granted;
(iii)a reference to the professional rules applicable to the service provider in the member State of establishment and the means to access them; and
(g)where the service provider undertakes an activity that is subject to value added tax, the identification number referred to in Article 22(1) of the sixth Council Directive 77/388/EEC of 17 May 1977 on the harmonisation of the laws of the member States relating to turnover taxes—Common system of value added tax: uniform basis of assessment(1).
Whether this in fact applies in this case will be investigated by my local Trading Standards office. I will keep you informed about the outcome.
In the meantime Sutton's Times Square shopping centre, and the TJHughes shop there, have to be rated "Epic fail". Sorry guys, someitmes you only get one shot at success.