Let down by TJHughes

Just back from TJHughes in Sutton. I had a very good experience with their online shop this past Christmas and then in their Watford shop earlier this year.
Having been scouting for a good deal on a memory foam mattress I spoke at length with the staff in the Watford shop and identified a product I liked. It's a bit far to bring the family from South London so this morning, with much to do, and dealines looming, we took time out to troop down to Sutton to have a lie-down for a bit on the mattress we thought we wanted.

Why Ian Blair has to go

The Metropolitan Police is an august British Institution. The first organised and duly constituted police force in the world, the Met has a sterling reputation in Britain, and around the world, for fairness and effectiveness, and its officers are the only police force in the world to do their duties unarmed as a matter of course (although there are, however, armed officers on standby to deal with events that require armed force).

Mahanni - The Drinking House

I've been following Michael Palin's programme on Eastern Europe on the BBC (look for "Palin" in the text about halfway down - his description is superb!) and tonite he went to Bulgaria and Turkey. The Bulgarian odyssey was interesting but the thing that really caught my eye was the last of the programme when he travelled to Cappadocia in Turkey to the site of the volcanic caves where some of the most prolific and influential church fathers hid before Christianity was made acceptable within the Roman Empire. Towards the end, after a lovely visit to a world-famous belly-dancing studio he went to have dinner in a local restaurant.

Virgin Lobster 544

I used a Nokia 9110i for almost 7 years as my mobile phone. It was a brick but there was reasoning behind the rhyme. I used to have a mobile and a Psion-5 PDA. I found that standing on railway platforms and in shops, etc, that one hand would be making a call and the other would be trying to open the lid, get information out and navigate around. Inevitably one or the other would be set down and the other used to do work for a bit till information could be relayed over the phone.

What's the point to TK Maxx?

I stopped into TK Maxx (TJ Maxx for Americans) tonite. It had been a while. My how things have changed. Time was TK Maxx had good gear with brand names for half or less what the High Street did; it provided value for money for fashion conscious shoppers who wanted the look but didn't have the wallet. All that has changed.

I didn't twig till I heard a woman shopping with a couple of blokes who said, "Oh you don't want that - that's very Primark!" The bloke, a bit embarrassed, fluffed it by saying, "But I like Primark!" Sigh...

You see this is in no way a post to put down Primark; much the opposite in fact!

retail hell: 

Labour Party Deputy leadership

I watched Question Time tonite which featured the Labour Party Deputy Leadership candidates pitching their views to the public, both in the studio and on the telly. It rates a "1" (rather bad) as after halfway it had become so tedious I switched over to re-runs of "Goodness, Gracious Me!" on satellite. A half hour of obfuscation, answering the question they wish they were asked and generally talking bollox and I'd had enough! Roll on general election! These people need teaching a lesson that the public are to be heeded, not condescended to.

The comedy channel was good, though....

The next thing

We've recently noticed that Lee is rubbish at blogging. The thing is, blogging is meant to be stream of consciousness comments that reflect one's worldview on a visceral level. Lee, however, thinks about things and writes long tomes about the topic which tend to reflect more of a journalistic motif than the consensus blogging format. To be fair, in practice, blogging seems, in most cases, to be psychotherapy without the expense and hassle of a trained psychotherapist. It's often the world-as-my-counsellor attitude which merely reflects the narcissism of many people who live in modern societies. Here at alley.me.uk we want to avoid that and mke the site something interesting, and worth visiting, rather than a crutch for the authors' lives and pretensions.

But enough denoument; first things first.

Onto the next thing

We've just posted on the family site about what we've been up to. What is noticeably absent is any development on this site. This is about to change. Far from the shallow, tepid offerings of the wordpresses and movable types of this world, our content mgt system has some real horsepower and some very cool stuff it can do. We've just upgraded it for all our sites across the board so I hope to introduce some new stuff soon.

Additionally, I've had no inspiration on design but have already become really tired of the second hand, rusty auto that is this site's design. I have some ideas but will put it out to the community first: have you seen something incredibly cool that could bear trying here? Click the comments link and tell us about it. We may jus

People's Republic of Lambeth

We've been busy; very busy so sorry for the lapse in content. Anyway, I would really, really like to know what's wrong with Lambeth council? We phoned in a complaint about building works being carried out by the arrogant git next door and heard nothing. Eventually a letter arrived 10 days later stating they had called to follow up but our number was out of service. It appears the woman wrote it down incorrectly. I phoned and left a message correcting the information and waited for a reply. Bad move. The incompetence of front-line staff sometimes knows no bounds.


The Da Vinci Code: Broken

h3. The Da Vinci Code: Broken

p. I've ignored the Da Vinci Code for it's short life until recently. There has been a bit of press interest in the recent lawsuit between it and a similar book but the interesting thing was the number of people that were asking whether it was true. Whether Dan Brown has a point when he says thebook is based on factual material. There came a point when I felt I had to read it and see for myself.

p. To make a long story short it's a ripping yarn, will make a lot of money in the cinema. There's a case that needed to be made that Christianity has not treated women well in any sense of the phrase, and has a lot to be ashamed of on that front. This is true even today. However, this is not the way to make it and as far as factual prose goes, it's quite patently cobblers. If this book is true, the moon is made of green cheese so the code is broken; not in the way a cipher is cracked and people know what it says. No, it's broken tautologically. The entire basis for the book is, as we say in London, well and truly bollocks.